Sheffield students are occupying The Diamond to protest the uni working with arms companies

It’s the first occupation of a University of Sheffield building in more than six months


A group of University of Sheffield students have occupied The Diamond in protest of the university’s partnership with Rolls Royce, Boeing and BAE Systems.

Sheffield Action Group has taken responsibility for the occupation following a tweet they published this morning.

The group has called for “no war criminals on campus or in careers fairs.”

All three companies have been highlighted by the group because of their involvement in the arms manufacturing industry. Having a significant hold in the market, the companies are all leading manufacturers globally.

BAE Systems, a British based company boasted revenue of £18.52 billion in 2021 alone.

This is not the first occupation by the group. Earlier on this year in February the group occupied three university buildings in protest of cuts to funding and services as the University of Sheffield planned to close the archaeology department . The occupations took place in line with the UCU strikes nationwide disputing for more pay for union members as well as a review of working conditions for staff involved.

Following the occupations the university went back on its original plan and made sure that there would be no changes to the Department of Archaeology until September 2024.

A Q&A has been conducted by the Sheffield Action Group addressing questions from the public about the occupation.  

A spokesperson from the University of Sheffield said: “There are currently a small number of students occupying The Diamond Building. The building is closed and teaching scheduled to take place has been moved to alternative locations. Our priority is to minimise disruption and we are communicating any changes directly to relevant students and staff.

For many years the University has undertaken research with a wide range of global manufacturing companies, including Boeing and Rolls-Royce.

“Our connections with industrial partners mean we can help to influence positive change and accelerate more sustainable manufacturing practices. For example our work in high-performance lightweight materials has led to the production of lighter, more fuel-efficient cars and planes.

“We are also committed to providing our students with information about a wide range of organisations offering placements and graduate jobs at our careers fairs so they can make personal informed decisions about their future careers.”

The Tab Sheffield has contacted Rolls Royce, BAE Systems and Boeing for comment. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Sheffield Action Group on Twitter.

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