Meet the Sheffield students who were on University Challenge last night

Absolute geniuses, we love to see it

As we all know, University Challenge is quite possibly the most difficult TV show you could ever go on.

If you don’t already know, it’s a quiz show hosted by icon Jeremy Paxman where universities compete against each other by answering oddly specific questions about random subjects.

This week, a team from Uni of Sheffield went on the programme and were up against a team from University College London.

Meet the contestants who represented Sheffield:

First up was Rachel Haw, a student from North Yorkshire, who’s studying for a Master’s degree in evolution and behaviour.

Next, Andrew Fisher from Newcastle, who’s currently studying for a PhD in pure maths.

The team captain Lewis Jones, is from Suffolk and studies journalism (there’s still hope for me then).

And lastly, we met Danny Lardner a student originally from Blackpool who studies geography at Uni of.

The episode (which aired last night on BBC Two), has been praised after the intense match between the two unis.

Unfortunately, in a tight game, UCL beat Sheff, but we were definitely not let down by Sheffield’s efforts.

Featured image via BBC.

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