A definitive ranking of the Sheffield degrees with the most sex appeal

Geography doesn’t even rank and I’m not sorry

Have you ever wondered how sexy your degree is? Ever wondered what someone’s thinking when you tell them what you study?

Whether you go to Hallam or Uni of, the degree you study says a lot about you as a person, and it’s important to us, too. This definitive ranking will tell you who has the most future marriage potential: will it be the nerdy maths student who doesn’t stop talking about how the world is made up of code? Or the quirky literature student who loves telling you about his favourite books?

Well, look no further, because it’s here. The sexiest degrees you can study.

8. Accounting

Although it’s often assumed to be one of the most boring careers, an accounting degree is actually quite sexy. Accounting students tend to be quite put-together and charming, which is appealing. And, they could be bringing in the big bucks in the long term so keep ’em around, girls.

7. Maths

Maths is quite possibly the most difficult subject EVER (imo) so I have huge respect to anyone studying it. Similarly to accounting, Maths students tend to have their lives in order and they always seem really mature. Brownie points from us.

6. Languages

Any language is extremely sexy. Especially they study French, the language of love. Or Italian… imagine the homemade food. You’d be silly not to fall in love with someone speaking a foreign language to you, even if you have no idea what they’re saying.

Also, being multilingual means a better job, a better career and more money, so hold on to your language student, ladies.

5. Economics

In this day and age, being an economist is a little bit hit and miss. There’s the type of student that obsesses over cryptocurrencies and stock markets, and then you have the type of student that wears cute round glasses, wears scarves and looks like they’ve just walked out of a Bridget Jones movie. I’m sure you can guess which kind is sexier.

4. Criminology

I’m sure we can all see why studying criminology is sexy. It’s just so mysterious and cool. It’s like something out of a book. It’s giving murder mystery and we love it.

3. Media & Journalism

A little biased, I know. But I think we can agree that someone being able to write well is soooo dreamy. Not only that, finding underground news stories to write about and publish? Sexy.

2. Engineering

I don’t think I’ll ever know what an engineering degree ACTUALLY means. I mean, does anyone know?

From what we can tell, engineering students have no clue how to flirt and communicate with someone. They’ve barely ever communicated with a woman before, but it’s kinda attractive because at least you know they’ll never have the ability to cheat on you… sorry not sorry.

1. Law

“Oh sorry we’re late, my husband’s court case ran over.” Sorry, but who doesn’t want to be THAT wife? It’s giving housewife, Range Rover, five bathrooms, estate car vibes. What more could you want?!

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