10 things all incoming freshers need to know about being at uni in Sheffield

The prospectus didn’t tell you THIS

With Results Day over with, students all over the country are currently preparing themselves for the move to uni next month.

There are over 60,000 students in Sheffield, combining Uni of and Hallam, and we can’t wait to welcome more!

If you’re a fresher and you’re moving to Sheffield this September, here’s some things you need to know about being at uni here.

1) Walking is a workout

There are SO many hills in Sheffield. If you’re from a relatively flat city, a seaside town, or the countryside, you will never prepare for the amount of hills there are in Sheff. Your calves will never forgive you!

2) Wetherspoons is a lifesaver

Whether you’re on a budget, or simply just in need of a hungover breakfast (which becomes lunch by the time you roll out of bed), Spoons is unbeatable. And, lucky for us, there’s tonnes of Spoons in the City Centre.

Spoons halloumi fries are top tier

3) Aldi will be your best friend

It’s all well and good planning what meals you’ll make as a first year, but trust me, don’t over-do it. Even if Waitrose is on your doorstep, you’ll soon become Team Aldi. It’s just SO much cheaper, and it’s worth the longer walk.

You’ll become obsessed with Aldi when you see the prices

4) Your high heels won’t get used

You will definitely need a pair of old trainers or shoes that you don’t really care about to wear out clubbing. They end up getting so dirty, but it doesn’t even matter, comfort comes first. You’ll regret wearing your Primark stilettos, I promise.

5) Everyone knows everyone

Although you’ll have flatmates, course-mates, and other circles of friends, you’ll soon realise that everyone knows everyone. The biggest dread is telling your flatmates about who you got off with the night before and one of them saying they know them from their course. Especially if they get bad vibes from them. Awks!

6) Your student loan lasts about a week

Most freshers get overexcited about having a loan, but it tends to disappear before you know it. Definitely make the most of bargains, cheap shops, and student nights at clubs. You can’t beat 90p drinks at Code on a Tuesday.

7) The Peak District is beautiful

If you’ve got a friend who drives (even if you haven’t you can get the train) make sure you get yourself over to the Peaks. There’s so many different areas to go to for walks, picnics, or pub lunches. I highly recommend watching a sunrise or sunset there. The views are immaculate.

It’s crazy that all this is so close to the City Centre

8) You’ll become competitive for no reason

Sheffield’s infamous North vs Midlands vs South bar crawls are always a winner, but you’ll notice you’ll become increasingly competitive about it. It becomes a competition with just about everyone else, for literally no reason. Even with Hallam vs Uni of Sheff events, everyone just gets so aggressive about who’s best.

9) Chinos is a lifesaver

After your night out, whether it’s at Code, Leadmill, Corp or on West Street, nine times out of ten you’ll want a kebab for the way home. Chinos kebab shop on London Road never goes a miss, but you always end up regretting it the next morning. We’d never choose Chinos for dinner so why do we do it to ourselves when we’re drunk?

See, it looks grim, but it works a treat after a night of vodka shots

10) First year isn’t important

Of course, for most courses, you need to get 40 per cent to pass first year. But in reality, no one really tries very hard. First year is super exciting for freshers. All freshers want to focus on is going out and meeting people. And why not?! Go for it. If I could re-live first year I’d do it in a heartbeat.

If you love the city vibe, pretty views, cheap nights out and Wetherspoons, you’ll LOVE Sheffield. We can’t wait for you to join us!

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