We’re back: Sheffield Clubbers of the Week has returned

Look mum, I’m famous

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week is back!

For those university students that are too young to remember this fun article, every week The Sheffield Tab will seek out the best club night photos snapped by Sheffield photographers.

Whether you’re a Roar girl, a regular at Code or enjoy a sports night at HallamNation, be sure to look out for yourself and friends in this weekly article and tag them in the comments.

Third wheel of the week


Question is: Who is third wheeling?

Runners up

Three men walk into a bar…

Album cover of the week


Spice up your life

Runners up

ABBA, is that you?

Couple of the week


Rub a dub dub, cutest couple in the club

Runners up

I’m a celeb super fans

Creeper of the week


Say cheese!

Runners up

multiple creepers

bae watch, bay watching

Stunner of the week


You go girl!

Unhappy clubber of the week


When they run out of £5 rounds…

WTF of the week


The goggles = main character vibes

Runners up

So many personalities in one pic

When lectures on a Thursday don’t start until 1pm

Best of the rest

Pure carnage

Photography credits:

Joseph Clarke (Maida Mess Wednesday’s)

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