Sheffield Hallam student left bruised after being ‘thrown to the ground by security guard’

‘I feel really unsafe around staff that are meant to protect us’

On Thursday evening, a video of a security guard pinning a Sheffield Hallam student to the floor circulated social media. The student had been peacefully protesting inside the Cantor building as part of the SHU Rent Strike organisation.

Today, an updated Tweet showed the aftermath of the event. The Hallam student is shown in the photo to have large yellow bruises on his leg from where the security guard threw him to the floor.

The student, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Sheffield Tab: “I feel really unsafe around staff that are meant to be there to protect us, and upset that Hallam would employ people who are so poorly trained and quick to use violence to resolve an otherwise peaceful protest.

“They have told us they are investigating the incident, but haven’t asked for a statement or our side of the story. One of the security guards who assaulted another student, just out of the shot in the video, has been working in the building, which has been quite intimidating.”

A Sheffield Hallam University spokesperson said: “We are aware of an incident that occurred on Thursday evening at the Cantor building involving rent strike protesters and our security team, and are investigating this.

“We fully support students’ rights to express their views through peaceful protest, and are committed to continuing dialogue with the protesters. Senior staff from the University and Hallam Students’ Union Officers have met with the small number of student protesters to continue those conversations.”

The SHU Rent Protesters occupied Cantor building on Thursday night and said they wouldn’t be leaving until their demands were met. They are demanding for their voices to be listened to and taken seriously.

As a group, the Rent Strikers want to break the nomination agreement between the university and private landlords in order to receive rent rebates.

The Rent Striker’s spokesperson continued: “We will absolutely continue to stay here. If anything, the assault has made us more determined to fight university management and get the justice students’ deserve.”

At present, Cantor building remains closed to the public. Only Media, PR and Journalism students with in-person teaching are allowed to enter and they must prove their identification on entry.

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