Rent strikes, illegal raves and a Sims IC: Looking back at a year of Covid-19 in Sheff

The last 12 months through the eyes of Sheffield students

The 23 March 2021 marks one year since the first UK lockdown. Since the announcement, more than 120,000 people have died from coronavirus.

At 8 pm tonight, the public is being asked to stand on their doorstops with family and friends and light a candle in remembrance of those lost.

Over the last year, the world has experienced more than a pandemic. From the BLM movement after the murder of George Floyd to recent vigils held for Sarah Everard, the last 12 months have caused the world to slow down and recognise the need for change.

It’s also made us appreciate the smaller joys in life, so to look back on a year like no other we’ve taken a look at the news articles and features through the lens of Sheffield students.

1. The first case of coronavirus in Sheffield was confirmed

A year ago, Sheffield recorded its first case of Covid-19 in the city.

2. Sheffield students stockpiled pasta and toilet rolls in Broomhill

Remember when everyone went crazy for loo roll and pasta?

3. University of Sheffield and Hallam stopped face-to-face teaching

Hallam really kept face-to-face teaching in place for an extra week after Uni of Sheff stopped it.

4. Varsity was cancelled

One day Varsity will return and Hallam will win.

5. We thought of things to do to keep us occupied in self-isolation

We really believed lockdown would last a month at most.

6. Leadmill auctioned off loo roll and memorabilia to survive

Leadmill, the birthplace of Pulp, started selling toilet rolls to survive.

7. Uni of Sheff cancelled their 2020 graduation as the first lockdown was announced and Sheffield Covid-19 cases rose to 100

Will the students of 2020 ever get a graduation?

8. A Sheffield student built the IC on sims

The lockdown boredom had definitely kicked in.

9. The ‘safety net’ policy was introduced for students at both Sheffield universities

Little did we know, breakout rooms were just around the corner.

10. Sheffield DJ Jamie Duggan raised over £12,000 for the NHS

A live stream Tank DJ set helped to wash away the lockdown blues.

11.  We spoke to the hundreds of Sheffield Hallam nurse students who signed up to volunteer on wards

Over 600 final-year students signed up to volunteer.

12. We spoke to students who stayed put in The Steel City for lockdown one

The optimistic students hadn’t come to terms with West Street closing yet.

13. As the country celebrated VE Day, four shootings took place in Sheffield.

Lockdown one saw a dramatic rise in gun violence in the city.

14. Hallam and Uni of Sheff sports teams raised hundreds in lockdown charity fundraisers.

Hallam Women’s Lacrosse, Uni of Sheff Men’s Football and Hallam men’s football were just three of the clubs who started fundraising events in lockdown.

15. The city of Sheffield gathered together on Dev Green for a BLM protest.

Students were also able to apply for higher assessment grades due to the trauma George Floyd’s death caused.

16. As lockdown eased, we asked Sheffield students if their romantic relationships had survived.

Lockdown was truly the make or break scenario for couples

17.  We spoke to students about how they celebrated lockdown easing 

Remember that weird period where Covid-19 felt like it didn’t exist and eat-out-to-help-out was an encouraged government scheme?

18.  Alex Turner’s guitar was raffled off to save The Leadmill venue

This wasn’t my Favourite Worst Nightmare.

19. We paid tribute to the Sheffield Hallam graduate who died in the Birmingham stabbing 

“Jacob was the light of our life and we have been devastated by his loss”

20. Cases of Covid-19 in Sheffield were back as students and staff members at Uni of and Hallam had tested positive

And so, Zoom university was born.

21. The 10 pm curfew was introduced in the UK

Last orders at 10 pm – how did Sheffield students cope?

22. We spoke to Covid-19 positive students about their two weeks in isolation

At this point, nearly 1,000 students were Covid-19 positive.

23. Endcliffe Village laundry room was on fire

Of course it was Circuit Laundry.

24. Sheffield entered a tier-three lockdown

UK lockdown two was looming.

25. We rated the window displays of isolating Sheffield freshers

Any window with Robert Pattison in gets 10/10 from us.

26.  We got exclusive coverage from inside Sheffield’s illegal Halloween rave

How they didn’t get a £10,000 fine, we’ll never know.

27.  We spoke to Sheffield students about how they were finding love in the middle of a pandemic

Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of the Steel City’s singletons.

28. The Yorkshire Ripper was arrested near Endcliffe accommodation 

He died from Covid-19.

29. The seven types of Sheffield students during the pandemic 

Which one were you?

30.  A Sheffield student sent an accidental email to 20,000 undergrads


32.  There were lots of student rent strikes

Imagine having to pay for accommodation when you can’t legally return to university.

33. Petitions were signed to light up Sheffield parks to make them safer at night

“I think one of the best things about Sheffield is the abundance of green space and wildlife, but many people feel unsafe in them at night”

34. Sheffield students received £34,000 Covid-19 fines for a Ranmoor party

150 students attended.

35. We spoke to Sheffield students about the tastes and smells they’re still missing after testing positive

Imagine not being able to taste your McDonald’s order.

36. We spoke to students who have had their Covid-19 vaccine

“It feels like one of the worst hangovers, without the fun of getting drunk first.”

37. A Sheffield vigil was held in memory of Sarah Everard

We need to speak up against sexual harassment and help women feel safer on the streets.

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