Quiz: Which ‘Cats of Crookes’ cat are you?

Forget exams, this is the only result you need to know

If you’re lucky, you’ll probably see some cats on your daily walks. But have you ever stopped and considered which local cat embodies you most? Do you lie in bed wondering what type of cat you would have been in a past life?

Well, there are many types of cats – friendly cats, sassy cats, feisty cats, moody cats and photogenic cats to name a few. Each of these matches to a unique student personality – the fuck boy, the sesher, the gossip, and the hipster for instance. We have rigorously matched each cat to one of these personalities with a complex, scientific algorithm.  We’ve selected the very best cats from Sheffield’s own Cats of Crookes Insta so that you can finally put your identity issues to rest when we reveal which cat you are.

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