There are seven types of Sheffield student during the pandemic, which one are you?

Fingers crossed for number four

To say this year has been a weird one would be an understatement. But has it been so weird that we have resorted back to starter packs as a way to describe your personality? Yes, yes it has. We’ve all had a tough year so let’s (virtually) party like it’s 2016.

There are seven types of student personality in Sheffield during the pandemic, which one are you?

1. Flouter

A Sheffield flouter is a general rule breaker, someone who laughed in the face of lockdown. You are the kind of person who has been partying every weekend with absolutely no shame.

When the bars along West Street started doing table service you rolled your eyes and said “I wouldn’t be seen dead there now.” You definitely went to the illegal rave at Kelham Island a few weeks ago and you’re proud of it too.

Some of you flouters may even be outright Covid deniers and you are already skeptical about this vaccine. Just remember, Google and research is free.

2. Lockdown Lover

If you’re a lockdown lover you are quietly nostalgic for March when the pandemic felt like we were all in it together. Even now, Thursday evenings feel empty without the distant sound of clapping.

Being in Sheffield is making you a bit sad as you just want to be at home scrolling through TikTok, cutting your own hair and whipping your coffee.

Your phone screen time is astronomical and you may be one of the only people alive to still enjoy a Zoom quiz. ‘We’ll meet again’ by Dame Vera Lynn still brings a tear to your eye.

3. Covid-19 itself

If you are Covid-19 itself, you are literally the virus. You swear you are in the small percent of people who have had Covid twice as for the past year you have been constantly ill.

Your lecturers are getting suspicious that you keep using “I’m really ill” as an excuse to not have your camera on and you have been self isolating more times than anyone you know.

Your private story has seen you eat the strangest things to prove you’ve lost your taste and the government are getting suspicious at the amount of tests you have ordered.

You’re coughing right now aren’t you?

4. Quarantine Queen/King

If you are the Quarantine Queen/King you are the kind of person who genuinely used this time at home to better yourself. As soon as the word ‘lockdown’ left Boris’ lips, you had Duolingo downloaded and had ticked off your first Spanish lesson.

Give or take a couple of lie-ins (only until 10am), you’ve kept a routine of waking up early and working out. Not only this, but you also started your own small business selling tote bags or resin key rings on Etsy.

You walked out of the first lockdown with shiny hair, glowing skin and a smaller dress size and you’ll probably walk out of this next lockdown with a bloody knighthood. We all hate you for it.

5. TikTok Tosser

The clue is in the name with this one, you’re a TikTok tosser. At the beginning of lockdown you downloaded TikTok ‘ironically’, to see what it was about. At first you just scrolled through the for you page and liked the popular videos but then you got bored and began to make a couple of videos yourself.

By this point you’ve become so addicted to TikTok that you have a few thousand followers and have been viral at least twice. You’ve started overusing the sparkle emoji and have either bought, or heavily considered buying, a ring light.

Moving back to Sheffield in September was tough for you as your housemates refused to be part of your TikToks but you held it together and carried on shit-posting anyway. Good for you.

6. Flustered First Year

Arguably, this is the worst one to be. After the absolute shambles that was your A-levels and after just about getting through results day, you were excited to move to university.

You had visions of making hundreds of mates, having flat parties and shagging your way through Sheffield, but this just wasn’t meant to be. Instead, you’ve made around three friends, your entire flat has had Covid and your accommodation laundry room literally caught fire.

At this point, your very aesthetic room with the LED lights is becoming more like a prison by the day. If this is you then hold on, it’s nearly Christmas.

7. Pandemic Police

On paper you are the best kind of person to come out of this pandemic, you’re encouraging others to follow the rules so we can have normality back as soon as possible. In reality, you’re annoying.

You’re so into following the rules that you didn’t even participate in ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ and quietly judged the people that did.

During lockdown you genuinely got a bit excited for Boris’ 5pm daily briefings and started seriously saying “flatten the curve.”

You own at least 12 fabric face masks and you were wearing them in shops before it was the law. You don’t hesitate to send a salty Insta DM when someone looks as if they are breaking the rules.

You are the best but also the worst and you know it.

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