The coronavirus pandemic as told by 20 Sheffessions

We were so clueless in March


1. Are they still waiting in Bar One 10 months later?



2. Whilst everyone was trapped indoors, Sheffield’s nature began to thrive…



3. A couple of months in and panic masters took on a whole new meaning


4. Everyone decided they were Usain Bolt and tagged all their friends in the 5k challenge, only to never run again.

5. Admit it, we were all there

6. Who knew that rona is ineffective both at Nandos AND one night stands?

7. If we take online uni and strikes into account, students have had about -7896 contact hours in 2020.

8. If the running doesn’t work out why not try a breakup?

9. Freshers 2020 really hit different as people were forced to resort to CODE.

10. So that’s what happened to the people who normally sell Pop Tarts tickets

11. Retrain, rethink, reboot.

12. If 2020 was a building

13. The words breakout rooms alone are tear inducing

14. Remember when we all went back to campus and then local lockdown was announced a week later?

15. But there were some silver linings…

16. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

17. Ah, the good old days.

18. Apparently eating out didn’t really help out?

19. Everyone developed a TikTok addiction to keep them entertained

20. Lockdown 2 left us all reminiscing about night outs