Students make a University of Sheffield Monopoly board with Hallam replacing prison

‘If the SU want to contact me for rights, please don’t, this took forever’

Students referring to themselves as “friendly neighbourhood 4th years” have created their own University of Sheffield Monopoly board. A photo of their handiwork was posted in Sheffessions yesterday, saying: “If the SU wants to contact me for rights, please don’t, this took forever.”

Playing this Monopoly game would be like living through the trials of uni all over again. Pass GO to the joy of student loans only to be slapped with taxes in the form of tuition fees and rent. Much to your parents’ horror, ‘Free Parking’ becomes a ‘Visit Home’, squished in-between visits to Pop Tarts and Roar.

If you have the misfortune to land in jail, you’ll find yourself at Sheffield Hallam, tortured by the sounds of Hallamnation and Tank. Let’s just hope you get that get out of jail free card quickly.

Squares which normally represent a London train station have been transformed into Sheffield club nights. Green squares which once were Oxford, Regent and Bond Street are now study buildings such as The Diamond and I.C. The colour pink now represents SU outlets like Bar One and Coffee Revolution.

The most expensive buildings shown in dark blue are Firth Court and The Octagon. Whilst Firth Court is on the cover of every uni prospectus, we do question why The Diamond isn’t here – with its £81 million price tag, it’s the most the uni has ever invested in a building.

The Community Chest takes the form of the SU. Although there’s only one card shown in the post, we like to think that selling tickets or glow sticks to drunk Roar students are amongst the entrepreneurial talents.

The Chance cards call you out for that post West Street Live lie-in when you miss all your lectures thanks to a massive hangover – this is more a question of when than if to your average student.

The post also teased at the creation of a Uni of Sheffield Cluedo. Will Professor Plum become VC Koen Lambert and Colonel Mustard become Roary, killing students with tuition fees and stray VKs in the Diamond or Bar One?

Maybe getting stuck at university over Christmas won’t be so bad. At least students will have hours of Monopoly to keep them entertained.

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