‘I know the New World Order is involved’: The Sheffield anti-lockdown protest

‘Once the gov has our compliance, they’ll enslave us all’

An anti-lockdown protest took place yesterday afternoon in Sheffield’s City Centre in response to the new lockdown measures that were introduced on Thursday.

Around 50 people gathered outside Sheffield City Hall to peacefully protest against a second lockdown.

It was organised by Stand Up X, an anti-lockdown conspiracy group.

Founded in May this year in response to what the group believes is an unlawful infringement of human rights, they claim that lockdowns are killing more people than the “so-called virus”.

They aim to take  “practical measures” so that they can take their “rights and freedom back before it’s too late.”

At the protest, anti-lockdown leaflets were handed out and anti- covid chants and songs were sung as protesters marched through the centre of town.

When they congregated outside Sheffield City Hall, police and onlookers watched as Stand Up X speakers criticised the government’s response to the virus and the police’s enforcement of lockdown restrictions.

One protester, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Sheffield Tab: “The government has created the idea of the virus to control us… if you look in the test centres, they’re empty. Once they have our compliance, they’ll enslave us all.”

Another protestor, who referred to herself only as Living Lady, said she knew that the New World Order was involved.

The New World Order is a conspiracy theory idea that the world is run by the ‘One per cent’ – a shadowy group of politicians who wish to take over the world.

Stand Up X is not just opposed to a nationwide lockdown. According to their website, they’re against the track and trace system too as it’s a “violation of personal privacy and freedom to associate”.

The conspiracist group is also against a mandatory vaccine and 5G networks. They believe that through 5G people will be subject to “24/7 surveillance tracking and implantable microchips”.

Anti-lockdown protests have taken place in other parts of the UK by various anti-lockdown groups such as the ‘Save Our Rights’ group.

These marches are expected to take place in Nottingham, London, Norwich, York, and Brighton.

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