Hallam’s SU bar, ‘Hideout’, to reopen next week

Alcoholic drinks only available with a “substantial meal”

In an email addressing the entire student body, Sheffield Hallam has announced that the Students’ Union bar, ‘Hideout’, will reopen on Monday 2nd November.

Located within the HUBS, the bar closed last week due to Sheffield’s ‘Very High’ Covid status requiring all pubs and bars to close unless serving a substantial meal.

According to the government, a substantial meal is classed as a “meal eaten by a person seated at a table” and “the main purpose of frequenting the premises should be to have a main table meal and this should be a plated meal, served at a table.”

So, Hallam students can return to their SU bar and have an alcoholic drink as long as they are having a meal at a table (the word table has lost all meaning at this point).

However, according to the latest email, students can still purchase soft drinks without a meal.

At least Hallam students who are sick of their bedrooms can once again go and do work in a new space. As long as that space is also shared with a substantial meal or a soft drink…

Hideout will only be open for 3 hours from 11:30am to 2:30pm on weekdays.

Featured image taken from the ‘Hideout Main Menu‘.

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