Sheffield fire service tells students to stop cooking drunk and get a takeaway instead

Never a better excuse to order a Chinos

How many times have flopped down onto your sofa, full of smug satisfaction at your own money-saving ability, because you came in and cooked your own chips instead of gorging on a takeaway kebab? Well, you shouldn’t feel satisfied anymore. You should feel bad. Shame on you!

Sheffield fire service has asked students not to cook while they’re drunk, amid fears that this will lead to easily preventable fires, and divert attention away from where it’s really needed.

Fire officials are worried that the 10 pm pub curfew will push students to drink (and cook) at home – a notoriously dangerous combination. 

Station manager John Billings said: “We absolutely recognise how important it is that students enjoy their time at university, especially with what’s going on in the world right now, but we want to make sure they do it safely.

“Something we’re very mindful of is that, with pubs now closing earlier to help stop the spread of COVID-19, students may be inclined to take the party back to their accommodation. We’ve no problem with this.

Where we may have a problem, however, is if people start to act carelessly. From our perspective, this can be extremely dangerous. Time and time again we are called to fires which have started when people have left the oven on and forgotten, or fallen asleep, due to alcohol or drugs.”

The fire service is also asking students not to vape or smoke near a fire alarm, and not to set them off for a joke. Common sense really.

Be careful, don’t be a moron, and get a takeaway!

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