Here’s how the University of Sheffield is celebrating Black History Month

The uni wants to shine a light on ‘much-neglected history’

The University of Sheffield plans to celebrate Black History Month this year with a series of events hosted by Off the Shelf from 9 to 31 October. 

This literary festival will showcase Black British authors such as Lemn Sissay, David Olusoga, and Désirée Reynolds

The University of Sheffield said: “In October we celebrate Black History Month, which shines a light on much-neglected history, history made by black people in the UK and around the world. And we hope that the events of 2020 will be a catalyst for Black history to be shared widely, beyond our communities to the broader public.”

The Off the Shelf festival will include events such as ‘My Name is Why’ by Lemn Sissay, in conversation with Auriel Majumdar, a Creative Coach and Consultant. 

The website says: “At seventeen, after a childhood in care, Norman Greenwood was given his birth certificate. He learned his real name was Lemn Sissay. He was British and Ethiopian and his mother had been pleading for his return to her since his birth. This is a story of neglect and determination, misfortune and hope, cruelty, and triumph.”

This is then followed by ‘Black History in the Age of Black Lives Matter by David Olusoga. “In 2020 the rights of black people have been in the news in a way not seen for half a century. The Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd’s murder reverberated worldwide. Statues have fallen, organizations have confronted their connections to slavery and Empire and millions of people have begun to engage with the issues of racism in new ways. But will this be a moment of real change and why has black history been at the centre of this moment?”

Finally, Author Désirée Reynolds will host a series of events on ‘Black Women Write Now’ which focuses on the voices of black women. She said:”Black Women’s Writing is undergoing unprecedented exposure and being here now, compared to even five years ago is to look at this brilliant, vibrant, eclectic landscape in awe. I wanted to honour this moment.”

To find out more about all these events visit here.

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