Sheffield Hallam students get £500 back after course ‘fails to meet standard promised’

A uni panel upheld their complaints

Sheffield Hallam has refunded 22 students £500, after complaints against the uni relating to work experience and “the gaining of skills” were partially upheld.

When teaching moved online, the journalism postgrads said they were left without equipment and software needed to complete some modules.

Lydia Turner, an MA International Journalism student, told The Star: “We were a little bit disappointed because in an ideal scenario we would have liked to pursue it further to see if we could get more, but because everyone was struggling so bad we didn’t want to wait another 57 days.

“I feel it’s a win for them more than it’s a win for us. If we would have had time to continue with it then I think we definitely could have got a lot more.”

A complaints panel from Sheffield Hallam upheld two of the nine complaints from the students, and said: “In acknowledging your concerns in this regard, we did also note that the department has made and continues to make considerable positive steps to support you and we see this as substantial in mitigating this basis of complaint.”

The students can come back in the first term of the next academic year to get the skills they missed out on previously, if they want and are able to.

A Sheffield Hallam spokesperson said: “The University acknowledges the disappointment felt by the students due to a lack of available work placements and the opportunity to put skills into practice because of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent national lockdown.

“The panel’s decision to uphold parts of the complaint was made based on the inconvenience and distress caused by external factors. The Panel also recognised that the high quality of teaching and support on this course was effectively maintained during this unprecedented period.”

The students have also been offered “continued support and advice”, the spokesperson added.

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