Sheffield named amongst British unis most reliant on Chinese students for a FIFTH of income

Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and UCL are also on the list

The University of Sheffield has been named as one of nine UK universities that rely on Chinese students for a fifth of their income.

It comes amid tensions with China prompting fears that the number of Chinese students coming to the UK will plummet.

Sheffield uni is estimated to earn £85 million a year from Chinese students, who pay 26 per cent of the total tuition fee income and make up 16 per cent of the student demographic, according to data from The Sunday Times.

Top of the list is the University of Glasgow, with 31 per cent of their income coming from Chinese students who make up just 10 per cent of their total population.

Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and UCL are also on the list, and rake in millions as part of the £1.7 billion in tuition fees from Chinese students each year.

Ministers are said to be “shitting themselves” at the prospect of less Chinese students, following threats from China of retaliation over the UK’s ban on Chinese tech firm Huawei’s 5G network.

The UK takes in more Chinese students than any other country, and a drop in numbers could hit financially-struggling universities hard.

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