Police warn Sheffield students to be vigilant following a rise in burglary

And here is their advice on how to stay safe

Police have issued a stark warning to students living in Sheffield, following student properties being targeted by burglars in the past few weeks.

With the lockdown beginning to relax, students are slowly beginning to return to their houses – and thieves are looking to capitalise.

Sergeant Adam Wood said: “Criminals take full advantage of the insecure properties and the heaps of technology. Whilst I don’t want to scare anyone, it’s important that everyone is aware of their tactics.

“Prolific, opportunistic burglars will try doors and look for open windows. They keep an eye on properties belonging to large groups, as the chance of a door being left unlocked is higher.”

Students should keep everything valuable out of sight and keep valuables on person whenever possible, Sgt. Wood advised.

“Please think about home security. It doesn’t take much to lock the door or check someone else has. It can save you a lot of tears, money and hassle.”

To see the amount of crime around your student house, visit this Sheffield crime map.

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