Leaked emails show that Hallam’s teaching will be ‘predominantly online’ for semester one atleast

The email was leaked on Facebook

A leaked email has revealed that Sheffield Hallam’s September classes and lectures will be taught “predominately through remote and online delivery, for semester one at least.”

The staff email was leaked to the Facebook page Heard at Hallam, with the poster saying the decision was made weeks ago – even though Hallam students have not yet been officially informed.

The email states that students needing access to specialist facilities for portfolios or research will be able to do so, but at limited access.

It also goes on to say that lecturers will be given an “eight-week window from July to September” in order to “record online lectures and other preparatory work” for semester one.

Sheffield Hallam University confirmed that the leaked information was part of an email sent to staff.

They said: “Detailed planning is ongoing to finalise our teaching and learning methods for the new academic year. Our priority is to ensure the safety of our staff and students while responding appropriately to changing government advice and guidelines.

“Students will be informed of decisions about remote and online learning and teaching for the new academic year as soon as a decision is made.”

Featured image credit: N Chadwick labelled for reuse under the Creative Commons license