Social Diss-tancing: Sheffield’s best virtual dissertation submission pictures

These are even better than the usual diss pics

Thanks to the pandemic, not only have Sheffield final years missed out on their last West Street bar crawl, their last all-nighter in the IC and one last hike up our massive hills, they have also missed out on posing for an iconic diss pic.

Every year, our socials are flooded with diss-wielding students stood outside Firth Court or Hallam’s Collegiate Crescent, seeking well-deserved recognition for their hard work.

Well, this year will be no different thanks to creative Sheff students, Photoshop and Snapchat’s cut-out feature. Here are the best virtual dissertation submission pictures from our very own Sheff final years:

Daniel, History, UoS

Insta: @vindangles

“The virus meant the most important part of any dissertation – the handing in photo for the gram – was spoiled. Some serious photoshop skills were introduced to fool people,” Daniel told The Tab Sheffield.

Forget History, you’ve got a career in photoshop waiting for you, Daniel!

Nancy, Food Marketing Management, Hallam

Insta: mercala_

Nancy says: “Although I’m devastated not to be celebrating finishing uni by getting white gal wasted down West Street, I’m sure I’ll make up for it once lockdown is over.”

It isn’t the same as our iconic West Street, but hopefully you celebrated as much as you could with your perfectly photoshopped bottle of champagne!

Jessie, Ruby, Grace and Holly, Sociology, UoS

Insta: jes_v_

Replacing your hand with your diss rather than holding it? Holly on the far right is living in 3020, not 2020.

The girls said: “We all study Sociology and we love that our virtual hand in made SOCIOLOGY DISSTANCING possible.”

Wassila, English Language, Hallam

Insta: wassila_zitouni

“It has been weird not actually going into uni and getting pictures as that is the end goal really,” Wassila told The Tab Sheffield.

“Although I was just happy to have a glass a wine after because it was really needed!”

Her caption on her Instagram post is “Cheers to diss being over,” which is both factually correct and a clever pun… 10/10.

Edward, Biology, Hallam

Insta: aperturescience22

Another Photoshop King! Edward told us: “I decided to make a virtual diss pic for a laugh, I thought it might brighten a few peoples days up in quarantine!”

Tia, Archaeology and History, UoS

Insta: tialauren

Here we see a relaxed Queen in her natural habitat: in the garden, diss finished and sipping on a mojito with a little umbrella in. Iconic.

Tia told us: “I’d already planned a big takeaway and cocktail night to celebrate anyway, and luckily it was sunny enough to take my photos outside just holding my laptop instead.”

Polly, Mechanical Engineering, UoS

Insta: pollyhobbs_

“Truth is, my thesis hand in was always meant to be digital but I couldn’t let the opportunity for a snapchat edited photo go to waste,” Polly confessed. Who knew someone could be as tall as The Diamond?!

Matthew, English, Hallam

Insta: matthewjordanshaw

“Handing in a dissertation is a celebration of three years of work and it was a huge shame I wasn’t going to get the traditional dissertation picture with my friends.” We feel that, Matthew, but at least you’re a boss at Photoshop.

Charlotte, Education Studies, UoS

Insta: charlottelouise_clarke

“I would be lying if I said my diss wasn’t my baby rn,” Charlotte said on Instagram, and she has even compiled a pros and cons list of virtual diss submission. “Pros: less paper so we are saving the planet, less printing so we are saving money. Cons: robbed of the last trip to our department building. But at least we can still think of some terrible diss puns!”

Molly, English Language, Hallam

Insta: mollyblair_

“I put more effort into thinking of a pun for the caption of my Insta than my actual dissertation,” Molly told us. Her Insta caption was “diss is not how I expected these pictures to be taken” so it looks as though the effort wasn’t wasted.

Loving the virtual creativity, Sheff!

If you have any more virtual dissertation submission pics, please send them our way!