Our virtual builders are back: Someone has recreated The Leadmill on Minecraft

They’re now on The Leadmill guest list!

Our virtual Sheffield builders have been at it again – first we had the Sims version of the IC and Firth Court, but now we also have a Minecraft version of The Leadmill.

Twitter user @SamuelBowden24 tweeted his creation, saying: “Isolation got us missing Leadmill” and tagged his two friends @bradfoster16 and @ben_burns6, who worked on the virtual club too.

The Minecraft club comes complete with all three Leadmill rooms, the three bars, the toilets, and the smoking area. It is only missing our beloved bouncer, Nev, outside.

The Leadmill described the creation as “absolutely amazing” on Twitter. They told The Tab: “We think it’s absolutely fantastic that people are thinking of us whilst we’re not open, using their spare time to do something creative!”

“It’s good that the lockdown isn’t stopping our regulars from getting their Leadmill fix! Things like this make us even more excited to be back open again for our reopening party, and we’ll be sticking all the lads that made this on the guestlist!”

Take a look at the main elements of the virtual club below or check out the videos on twitter.

The iconic sign

The entrance

The main room

The main bar, cheers for the drink Ben x

The second room

We even miss the toilet corridor 🙁

The smoking area