Forget Tinder: Sheffessions has launched a sister page for all your crushes

So this is a thing now

Sheffessions has finally launched a confession page purely in the name of love, with the announcement of their sister page Sheffatuations.

Anyone with a “burning declaration of love” can submit to the page, with it providing a place for “confessions of the heart.”

What quarantine boredom has come to

It comes following singles of Sheff taking to Facebook with relationship application links to try and find that special someone.

One post searches for a soulmate with questions ranging from favourite Horrible Histories songs to biggest turn ons.

What else is there to do in quarantine?

It also asks dating-hopefuls to pick a cheese, a Sheff night out, and detail how they would break up with a partner.

Another submission simply exclaims: “I literally have a crush on the entire cricket team. I’ll take any of you. Please!”

The page doesn’t publish names, and promises full secrecy to posters in their pursuit of “Western Bank cuties” and “Diamond hot bois”.

You can submit your own call to love and check out all the posts here: