Incredible drone footage shows Sheffield Uni campus deserted amid lockdown

It’s like a ghost town

Incredible drone footage posted to Instagram shows how deserted the University of Sheffield campus is during the coronavirus pandemic.

An aerospace engineering student at the uni recorded the footage with his drone just before the full lockdown was announced.

The student, who is @breeze_fpv on Instagram, told The Tab Sheffield of their recording process: “I just threw all my gear in my bag, rode my bike to uni and started filming, it only took an hour and only 15 minutes of that was actually the drone flying”.

They described how eerie it was to see the campus so deserted “it was pretty crazy seeing how quiet it was, especially around the SU were it’s normally busy, although I was surprised by how many cars there were by the arts tower”.


The engineering student told The Tab Sheffield that their drone was actually built from scratch using 3D printed elements. “Some bits I actually 3D printed and laser cut at the iForge in The Diamond. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, just takes a while to find all of the parts”.

The footage is definitely impressive and @breeze_fpv told us of his plans to post another video, shot around The Diamond and St. Georges Church in the coming days too.