Now a Sheffield student has built Firth Court on Sims

Lockdown boredom is real

Following their virtual building success last week with the IC, *that* Sims-savvy Sheffield student has spent their second week of lockdown building Firth Court.

Posting to the online Sims gallery, the creator describes the University of Sheffield’s beloved posh structure as “the building that proves the University of Sheffield is a red brick uni and therefore is significantly superior to Hallam”. That is fighting talk.

“I hope this brings you and your Sims some happiness” they say, whilst also explaining that it is not furnished due to the fact that they have never actually been inside.

The class of 2020 :(((

“Sims need Insta worthy buildings too” the student says on their recent post to Sheffessions, “so I had to build them a Firth Court”.

Within the comments on the Sheffessions post, students are putting in requests for their favourite buildings, the most popular being The Arts Tower and The Diamond.

One user, a ‘top fan’ for Sheffessions has even called for a virtual university tour, saying “The uni should sponsor this person to make a sims university virtual tour! This is really good.”

Take a look for yourself by searching ‘Firth Court’ in the Sims gallery or by looking through the pictures below. The resemblance is uncanny.

My Sim is very sad because she misses Sheffield

Someone needs to start creating Hallam soon, you’re slacking x