A Sheffield student has built the IC on Sims

The best way to spend lockdown

Bored during lockdown? Missing Sheffield? Probably not as much as the student who has recreated the Information Commons on Sims.

On a recent post to ‘Sheffessions’, one student admitted to spending their lockdown attempting to build our beloved IC.

The student has confessed to spending an entire week building their masterpiece and has only changed a few details, such as the position of the stairs.

They explained when posting the building to the Sims gallery “sadly due to the Sims floor limit, floors 0 and 1 are merged and floors 5 and 6 were scrapped”.

yes, my Sim is exhausted, she has her dissertation due…

With the student describing their creation as “every Sheffield Sims dream”, they seem to have captured every detail of the IC, even down to the ‘stretching area’ with yoga mats.


With at least three weeks of lockdown ahead of us all, at least now we can virtually visit the IC so our Sims can pretend to do the work we definitely aren’t doing…

Take a look at the pictures below and see how the virtual version measures up. The virtual library can also be found by searching ‘Information Commons’ in the Sims gallery. See you there!

Ground floor/floor 1.

Ground floor/floor 1.

Floor 2.

Floor 3.

Floor 4.

I wonder how long it will take until a Hallam student builds Adsetts…