Sheffield coronavirus cases leap by a third in 24 hours

They’ve doubled since the weekend

Coronavirus cases in Sheffield have surged by a third in 24 hours.

Public Health England figures show confirmed infections in the city now stand at 174, up from 130 on Tuesday, with three deaths.

Sheffield has the seventh highest amount of cases for any local authority in England, and the second highest outside South East England and London, the epicentre for the deadly disease.

The UK’s death toll from Covid-19 rose by 43 to 465 on Wednesday. Almost all had underlying health conditions.

Cases across the country have risen to 9,529, while in nearby uni cities, Leeds has 53, Manchester has 45 and York has 14.

The country remains in lockdown, with people only allowed out for health or shopping essentials, to care for a vulnerable person, or for exercise once a day.

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