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Hallam moves exams online due to coronavirus crisis

And classes remain cancelled

All Hallam exams are going online “wherever possible”, the uni has confirmed.

Exam papers will be made available online through Blackboard, in a similar form to coursework, bosses said.

Classes will remain cancelled for the foreseeable future and be taught online and almost every campus building is currently shut, except the libraries.

The Uni of Sheffield has not made any announcement yet about exams.

Sheffield Hallam Uni said on its coronavirus webpage: “Examinations will be delivered online wherever possible, with papers available through Blackboard and answers submitted in the same way as coursework assignments. More information on this will be provided by Heads of Department and Course Leaders when final details for each examination have been confirmed.

“Assessment deadlines already set will remain in place.  Hand-in dates and deadlines may be extended by Heads of Department.

“The University will ensure that students are not disadvantaged in any assessment activity. We will ensure that any teaching content aligned with professional body accreditation is covered and will closely monitor any impact on specific modules.”


Tonight, the Prime Minister told all pubs, restaurants and gyms to close their doors in his latest live update on Covid-19.

Boris Johnson says that circumstances will be reviewed every month and daily live updates will be given on the pandemic.

This leaves students with a lot of time on their hands and still with a lot of uncertainty about their degrees.

Students will be provided with more information early next week on how their course specific exams will work.

Many lecturers have advised students to carry on working and complete tasks where possible and ask for help when needed through email communication.

Final year students will be given further guidance of what these new regulations mean for their degree.

Tonight, all buildings at both SHU campuses will be closed. But, the Adsetts and Collegiate Libraries will remain open and continue to be on a 24/7 basis.

Any student with further concerns should contact their student support adviser.