Leadmill auction loo roll and memorabilia to survive amid coronavirus club closures

Literally toilet paper from the birthplace of Pulp

Leadmill has been the musical heart of the Steel city for nearly forty years. It has held Arctic Monkey gigs and has supplied the Sheffield student community with weekly Indie club nights.

And now, the venue is offering much more – toilet paper and gig memorabilia.

The venue has stated that their doors will remain open until UK government guidelines obligates them to close because of COVID-19.

Beth Okogba, 23, the Leadmill’s promotions manager, told The Guardian: “We physically can’t survive unless we are told that we are closed and hopefully that’s when the insurance can step in and help.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered on Friday evening that all clubs, restaurants, bars and cafes close tonight, or face enforcement action,

But pioneering Leadmill managers, fearing a financial hit, have created a unique way to raise money in order to support their staff through the pandemic.

The solution – selling gig memorabilia and toilet paper. Toilet paper is available for purchase from their box office and is being sold in packs of four for £1.83 each.

An online auction has also been set up to sell old gig and music items to fundraise more cash.

The money raised from these sales will also help to support the Leadmill staff and make sure their wages are paid.

One item that has definitely interested people is a guitar made from the venues former floorboards signed by Sheffield’s own Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys.

Beth added, We’re trying to raise as much money as possible to cover anyone and everyone. If we do have to close, we won’t be able to support any of our local DJs or crews, or anyone that relies on the venue.”

Other items on auction include posters signed by Blossoms and Circa Waves as well as a special edition Leadmill bottle of Hendrick’s Relish.

The link to the online auction can be found here.