An investigation: Here’s why the IC literally stinks

It’s reeking havoc for the studious

Wondering what that lingering smell in the IC is?

If you’ve set foot in the library in the last couple of days, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

From the moment you walk in at reception all the way up the third floor, the IC truly reeks.

Well, we’ve done a really serious investigation and uncovered that the unbearable smell stems from something actually really simple.

Library staff have told The Tab Sheffield the smell is from a burst heating pipe in the building has caused antifreeze to leak propylene glycol, a liquid commonly used in hot water heating systems.

Another member of library security staff told us that the antifreeze liquid leaked from a refrigerator in the IC Cafe and cooked beneath the unit.

Let’s just say it has definitely not gone unnoticed by students and staff.

Thanks for letting us know

One student told us: “It smells so bad it makes me feel sick every time I go in and out of the building.”

Another student even said they thought it was a liquid used to warn off coronavirus, according to the library reception staff we chatted to.

They promised they’re in the process of cleaning it up and hopefully the smell will pass by the weekend.

Sheffield University has been contacted for comment.

So if you’re thinking of heading to the library, yeah, you might want to give the Diamond or Western Bank a go instead. Or just use it as a reason to procrastinate.