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We asked single students in Sheffield how they’re spending Valentine’s Day

It’s time for the couples to stop getting all the attention

When you're in a relationship, Valentine's Day usually involves romantic dates, maybe some flowers and a lot of #theboydonegood on Insta. This kind of romance dominates our social media feeds every February 14th and I, for one, am sick of it. This Valentine's Day, let's celebrate the singles, we asked Sheffield's single students what they're up to this Friday…

The classic 'Bridget Jones' night:

"I'm ordering the largest Papa Johns pizza I can find and binge watching Brooklyn 99, just my average Friday really" – 3rd year, Psychology, Uni of.

"Most likely watching the new 'To All The Boys I Loved Before' with a Dominos and being grateful that I don't have to put up with a boys shit. Although after my pizza I'll deffo be on tinder looking for a shag" – MA student, Financial Management, Hallam.

"Crying over a takeaway" … we've all been there – 3rd year, Sociology, Uni of.

Vodka doubles > a relationship:

"Fifth wheeling at The Leadmill" maybe you'll find a nice indie guy/gal? – 2nd year, Chemistry, Uni of.

"Getting royally twatted" – 2nd year, Music, Uni of.

"West Street babyyyy" – 2nd year, Medicine.

Working hard or hardly working?:

"Working at my job as a restaurant manager, serving all the loved up couples" – 3rd year, psychology, Hallam.

"Catching up on all the work I've missed from week 1 (one)" – Anon.

Galentines Day:

"Dinner and drinks with my gals!" – Anon.

"Going to revs with my gals, getting royally fucked, forgetting our names and maybe waking up with a new Valentine?" – 1st year, Childhood Studies, Hallam.

"Staying in with my best mate, eating our body weight in ice cream and watching 'He's Just Not Into You' for some home truths" – 2nd year, English Literature, Hallam.


"Hopefully gonna be shagging but have a feeling I'm gonna be getting to know my new magnetised clit stimulator. Thanks Ann Summers" – 1st year, Journalism, Hallam.