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Hallam students warned as ‘scammers on campus force people to withdraw money’

The SU is on high alert

Sheffield Hallam University is on high alert after scammers reportedly targeted students on campus today.

SHU’s students union sent a warning this afternoon claiming that women purporting to be deaf had “forced” students to take money out of their accounts.

The union said “two women in their 20s/30s” had approached four students today and forced two to hand over cash before staff intervened.

The incident, said to have taken place on Hallam’s main city campus, reportedly saw the women hold up signs saying they were deaf in the hopes that students would approach them, before trying to steal money.

The incidents have been reported to the university and the SU security teams.

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In an Instagram story on Wednesday afternoon, the SU wrote: “We’ve been made aware of people on campus today with clipboards holding up signs saying they are deaf and are then forcing students to take money out of an ATM to give to them. Please don’t give them any money this is a scam.”

However, the university said no incidents had been reported. A spokesperson, said: “We have not been informed of any instances of our students being approached in this manner.

“However, we take the welfare of all students at Sheffield Hallam University very seriously and would encourage all students to be vigilant and think carefully before engaging with strangers asking for money. We also encourage all students to report anything suspicious to the police.”

The Tab Sheffield has contacted South Yorkshire Police for comment.