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Literal Sheffessions are being shown on big screens at Roar tonight

You can win a Wii with MARIO KART

Roar is taking snakiness to the next level tonight by displaying confessions on big screens.

Organisers of the Uni of Sheffield SU sports night have recruited Sheffessions to hold a confession-themed Roar, aptly titled Roarfessions.

And there's a free Nintendo Wii with Mario Kart up for grabs (!!I know!!).

The event, from 11.30pm-2am tonight, will see all the usual Roar tunes played, all the usual Rugby team members with their tops off acting like they own the place, and of course VKs will be flowing.

But for one night only there will also be a confessions corner inviting students to go anonymous and spill the juciest goss about their pals.

The best confessions will be displayed on big screens inside Foundry.

They will also be posted on the Sheffessions Facebook page under the hashtag ROARfession.

The students behind the most popular Roarfessions posts by likes and reactions, can also win prizes.

First place will get a free Nintendo Wii console with Mario Kart included, while runner up wins two tickets to the legendary Christmas Roar.

To win, students need to screenshot or photo their submission before sending it.

You can either confess by paper slips inside Foundry, or through the usual portal on Facebook. Submissions open at 11.30pm.

Too much to handle this it's just so good.

See the Sheffessions Facebook page for the action as it unfolds.