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Nominations are now open for Sheff Bachelor and Bachelorette of the year 2019

It’s time to celebrate being single!

Single? Excited about it? In a relationship but have some interesting single friends? Amazing, because it is time to find 2019's most eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette in Sheff.

The truth is that your single friend is more than likely your most fun friend. Your friend that is most likely to suggest 'West Street Live?' as an alternative to going home, even though it's 3am and you have uni in 6 hours.

They probs have the more interesting, diverse and outrageous sex life and they keep the group chat alive with their walk-of-shame-down-Eccy-road stories.

Don't ask us why but it is a truth universally known that single people host the best pres, dress the nicest and are significantly better in bed… sound like someone you know? Get nominating!

We want to know about your single mates (or yourselves!) who are living their best single life as the search for Sheffield's most eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette begins…