Woman goes to Sheffield M&S pretending she’s a man to protest trans-inclusive changing rooms

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A woman went to shops in Sheffield pretending that she was a man, to argue against trans-friendly changing rooms.

Jean Hatchet disagrees with transgender women using female changing rooms, so she went to M&S and John Lewis in Sheffield city centre in protest.

In a 28-part Twitter thread posted on Sunday, liked more than 400 times, Hatchet said she wanted "to see if [shop staff] know what a man or a woman is and if they let men in their changing rooms".

She left a message in a shop guestbook, which read: "Please stop letting blokes into your changing rooms for females."

Hatchet first visited Marks and Spencer, which has faced criticism from some "feminists" over its new policy allowing trans people into the fitting room they "feel most comfortable" in.

In a video in the M&S bra aisle, Hatchet says: "So here we are inside Marks and Spencers, and we're just going to test whether we can try these [bras] on without men present. But as we know, we probably can't."

She then says a shop attendant described her as a woman, prompting her to say: "But I’ve got jeans and a jumper on just like men …. so are you saying you know the difference between a man and a woman?”

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A 12-year-old girl then came into the changing rooms, she says, prompting Hatchet to ask: "Is it ok for that little girl to try on her first bra next to a man shouting about himself and his body in the next cubicle?”

She says she did the thing in the men's changing rooms. Hatchet then visited John Lewis in Sheffield.

Upon arriving at the John Lewis female lingerie changing room, Hatchet said: "I asked the woman on the door 'do you let men in while I’m trying these on?'"

She then uses the example of men "putting a camera over the cubicle" – to argue against trans women entering female changing rooms.

She then claims a manager said men were banned from female changing rooms by company policy, adding: "Thanks John Lewis for protecting women."

The Tab Sheffield has contacted Hatchet for comment.

After another rant by Hatchet earlier this month over their new changing room policy, M&S defended the move.

The company tweeted: “As a business, we strive to be inclusive and therefore, we allow customers the choice of which fitting room they feel comfortable to use, in respect of how they identify themselves."