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These Sheff students dressed up as Johns Van for Halloween

We love to see it

Three Sheffield students have taken Halloween to the next level – by literally dressing up as Johns Van.

For most of us, Halloween is a rushed and ripped white t-shirt and fake blood, or a black dress paired with bunny ears and heavier makeup.

But there's always one DIY King or Queen, who manage to pull off something iconic. Exactly like Sheffield students Jack, Hannah and Freya, when they dressed up as Sheff's very own Johns Van for Halloween 2019.

Their costumes even a menu printed on them, made of cardboard, showcasing the Johns Van deal we all love – obviously £3.20 for a bacon and sausage sandwich and a large tea/coffee – oh and there's veggie options too!

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Love the dedication, Jack.

Johns Van is, ofc, the food van on campus at the Uni of Sheffield, that has earned the love of us all not least for its powers to cure even the worst of hangovers.

The van (actually run by a lovely man named Jez) had such an impact on second year Engineering student, Jack, he decided to make it his Halloween costume.

Jack told The Sheffield Tab: "I really wanted to dress as a University of Sheffield icon for Halloween and I chose this because I really like Johns Van. Especially with the recent vegetarian options that have been added to the menu!" Iconic costume and ethical food choices? Legend.

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And the best costume award goes to…

The same goes for second year Philosophy students, Hannah and Freya who had the same idea. One of them even went as "John" himself ffs.

Hannah told us: "We were discussing Halloween costumes and we jokingly said 'ha, imagine if we went as Johns Van' and next thing we know it was actually happening!"

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Gotta love that artwork!

The Johns Van social media pages posted pics of the three students in their costumes to celebrate their efforts and Jez, the owner, told us he "thought they were great!".

It's obvious other students agreed with the iconic nature of these costumes, with Jack telling us: "Lots of people loved it and found it really funny, I would see people pointing and smiling."

Hannah says people were pointing at her on her night out and shouting, "oi oi, look it's Johns Van!"

The bar has certainly been raised in regards to iconic Uni of Sheffield costumes. Can anyone beat this next year?