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Fry-up Fridays: We found a Full English on West Street and oh my god

Welcome back fry-up friends

It's back, and what better timing? Halloween has killed us all off, especially anyone battling to SAVE the sombrero in Foundry. Anyway, yeah, we're gonna cut to the chase because I'm hungry and need hash browns like right now.

Tell me the locash?

Kicking off week two of Fry-up Fridays is West Street's very own The Cavendish. Part of the Stonegate conglomerate, you can find the same menu/setup/style of venue up and down the country, including a few in Sheffield.

But it's The Cavendish which I had my beady little eyes on this week. Given its location on West Street, if you’re looking for a breakfast to soak up last nights booze, returning to the scene of the crime might not be the most appealing, but I’m sure even the most ardent of serial killers would return to the scene of the crime for a killer breakfast, so let me tell you if The Cavendish’s breakfast is all killer or filler.

Tell me about the menu?

I'm living for the agreeable price of £5.25 for the traditional breakfast and £3.95 for a veggie breakfast. There is also a vegan option available and other breakfast choices such as pancakes and waffles, but this is Fry-up Friday, not waffle Wednesdays.

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And although the all-important free hot drink isn’t an option here, they do offer free coffee refills for 99p. Hoorah. The overall quality of the food was pretty decent except for the mushrooms which looked like they were cooked on a sunbed, they reminded me of Madge from ITV’s Benidorm, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if they arrived on a mobility scooter.

Let's get this bread

After a little wait at the bar the food arrives fairly quickly, albeit on a WWI style tin bowl, so if you’re a fan of traditional style plates, then this ain’t the place for you crockery snobs. It feels like they’re still riding on that fad a few years ago where all the pot washers must have been on strike so everything was being served in plant pots, shoes, the FA cup and anything they could get their trendy hands on.

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Considering the bowl it had been served in was designed to hold liquids, the only thing liquid was beans, which were segregated in a tiny metal tin of their own. Now, I’ve had more beans on a night out, even Jack wouldn’t have traded his cow for this many, if there was any less it could have been played by Rowan Atkinson. The lack beans made my associate Mr B weep little tears of pain, he’s a firm believer of fair bean distribution.

But what about the grease?

Now the question arises of how much of a greasy spoon this establishment is? The short answer: that spoon is squeaky clean. Not a drop of grease. It’s as if Cillit Bangs' very own shouty man Barry Scott has been in and done a number on the joint. It’s completely sanitised of any greasy character.

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But to be fair, breakfast isn’t The Cavendish’s main focus, they feel as if Tim Martin is trying his hand at a line of student Spoons. But with all the American football on the screens and variety of pancake-based breakfasts, it had me crying out to make the traditional English breakfast great again.

The verdict?

Overall, it's good value for money, adequate service, decent standard of food besides the stingy beans and wrinkly mushrooms, but it’s nothing to write home about.

If you want a warm breakfast then you can do worse than The Cavendish.

But if you want your heart warmed then stay tuned in for the next Fry-up Friday (November 15 to be precise xo).