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Magid Magid guest stars in Sheffield second years’ new hip-hop video

“You know I be doing the most”

In his year as Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid has squatted on the stairs of the council house, turned up at a student house party, been spotted in West Street Live, and even ran the London Marathon.

Arguably, he has now surpassed himself, with a cameo in the music video for a genre-blending tune by two Sheffield second years.

Magid appears in the clip for Doing The Most, the first release from Tommy Rich & Rgdvs.

The tune features a mix of electronic beats, guitar solos, and some of the hardest rhymes in S10. Lyrics include: "Every day, chilling with my bros. Used to smoke cigs, now I don't."

With a staggering 427 views on YouTube and over 80 monthly listeners on Spotify, it's basically viral at this point.

"We didn’t really overthink it," said Tom Worsley, aka Tommy Rich. "We just wanted to make a fun track that reflected our uni life (to a certain degree).

"I mean clearly it’s the greatest song of our generation, but I still think its charm largely lies in it being so amateurish.

"Magid’s cameo was perfect: super unexpected, but definitely made the video. He loved getting involved and made a lot of suggestions on what we could further produce together. Truly a man of the people."

"‘This song was very spontaneous in that we brainstormed most of the lyrics in one session, and we had a lot of fun in the process," added RGDVS.

"We think that sense of camaraderie is quite apparent in the track itself."

Doing The Most, which will be firmly lodged in our heads for the next few months, is available to stream on all the usual platforms.