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Sheffield Labour Students officer pictured at Chris Williamson event “in personal capacity”

Williamson has been suspended over antisemitism

A new Sheffield Labour Students committee member was pictured on Friday at a talk by an MP suspended over antisemitism.

Stan Laight, who has been elected as the new events officer for the campaign group, went to a meeting where Chris Williamson spoke on Thursday night.

Sheffield Labour Students, who were at the centre of controversy over a planned visit by Williamson last year, have said Laight attended the meeting "in a personal capacity".

Williamson, the MP for Derby North, was suspended by Labour in February after saying they had "given too much ground" on antisemitism.

The society planned to welcome him campus in October, but cancelled the event after the resignations of multiple committee members and condemnation from Jewish students.

Sheffield Labour Students said: "Stan attended the public meeting in a personal capacity that Chris Williamson MP spoke at.

"Stan and SLS are resolutely anti-racist and anti-fascist and fervently fight antisemitism wherever it is in society. The Labour Party is the only party who consistently fight racism and prejudice in society.

"We take the issue of antisemitism seriously and we are attempting to build a better relationship with the Jewish student community."

Williamson, currently sitting as an independent MP for Derby North, defended people expelled by the party over the issue, and tried to stop a motion about it at a local party meeting.