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From Pop Tarts to West Street Live: The unpopular opinions of a first year

Not everyone’s about the non-stop retro pop

First year – a time where you discover new things, and as a Uni Of or Hallam student get to know and love many different parts of Sheffield. But not everyone can get on board with everything about the Steel City.

Whether it be on a night out, while I’m walking to a lecture, or even amongst my friends, here are just some of the things that I say I hate and get shunned for doing so by the masses of Sheffield.

West Street Live

It may be cheap but it’s far from cheerful, and I stand by my word when I say West Street Live is crap. With its questionably long queue and its tacky interior, why do so many people find it a decent place to go?

It has walls plastered in parcel tape to stop people stealing posters that now decorate the walls of half the student houses of Sheffield, and it has a clientele that’d make you feel comfortable in even the dingiest of local boozers.

How is this place so popular?!


With its warm shops and reliable delivery service you may think I have no reason to complain about such a place…but of course I do. The main thing that annoys me about Dominoes is its supposed secrecy of that certain deal that gets you two pizzas for the price of one (SPOILER: it’s “Pizza 2-4-1”).

The words that have haunted me since freshers' fair, when everyone had to proclaim the ‘secret’ code to staff giving out a single slice of half-cold pizza. If it’s that much of a secret code then why do they have it displayed everywhere you look?!

Just give me my pizza in peace, please.

Pop Tarts (the event, not the sugary snack)

With sell-out nights being a regular occurrence, it may surprise you to find out that (in the words of fellow Sheffield local, Alex Turner) I 'don’t believe the hype' of Pop Tarts. It’s cliche music and it’s overall 2008-ness make me feel slightly uncomfortable.

I often hear phrases like “You have to be drunk to enjoy Pop Tarts” and I think the only reason for this is so you can’t remember how bad it was and therefore go again the following week, and the week after that, and the week after that…

Give me Leadmill any day.