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A Sheffield third year is aiming to raise £1,000 for charity through litter picks

She’s taking part in litter picks for every £10 raised

A Sheffield student is hoping to raise £1,000 towards Bummit's chosen charities by taking part in litter picks across Sheffield.

Third year Abi Baker is taking part in uni's world-famous charity hitchhike over Easter, and is taking part in the #trashtag movement to raise funds.

This involves clearing an area of rubbish, and posting a photo of it before and after to social media.

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Abi managed to raise £250 in the space of just three days, so has now upped her fundraising target to a grand.

For every £10 donated to her fundraising page, Abi and a group of volunteers are cleaning an area in Sheffield and posting the results.

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The charities Bummit is supporting are Assist Sheffield, Boccia Sheffield, Mary's Meals, The Children's Society and St Wilfrid's Hospice.

Speaking to The Sheffield Tab, Abi said: "I wanted to make my fundraising a bit different, so I thought for each amount raised I would do a litter pick for the #trashtag movement.

"It hit off and I thought if I can raise £250 in less than three days, maybe I should be striving a bit higher. It's going really well, I'm fully enjoying it and it's extremely satisfying work."

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Abi says the majority of the litter so far during the litter picks has consisted of cigarette butts, and people do not think to throw these away.

She added: "People have been really generous, really kind, and there's heaps of people sharing it. It's really getting the word out and I'm really happy about it."

The Bummit hitchhike to Transylvania takes place from 8 April. Donations to Abi's fundraising page can be made here.