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Jake Verity is our new SU President

Alongside the rest of the new Officer team

Jake Verity has just been announced as your new SU President for the 2019/20 academic year.

Jake's victory has come after ten days of tireless campaigning by reams of ambitious students across the university – all of whom were determined to make Sheffield a better and more inclusive place to study.

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Jake's policies include the introduction of a Mental Health Committee, fighting for the introduction of £1 Bus Fares and Student Tram Fares, creating a Students’ Union App, designing a brand new Internship Networking Website and establishing a brand new student-led Music Festival.

The SU President will lead a team of sabbatical officers, and the holders of those positions for next year have also been announced.

International Students Officer Controversy

International Students Officer was not announced tonight due to 'an issue concerning the conduct of the election'.

More updates will follow when additional information is released.

Welfare Officer

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Your new Welfare Officer is Beren Maddison!

Beren is the Chair and LGBT+ Officer of Welfare Committee.

He promises to improve exam support, empower liberation groups, support working students, promote sexual health and improve mental health services.

Education Officer

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Your new Education Officer is Charlie Porter!

Charlie vows to stop cuts to courses and services, support campus trade unions and strikes, lower rent and higher standards in halls and tackle dodgy landlords in the city.

His mum even mucked-in and joined him on the campaign trail!

Development Officer

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Your new Development Officer is Harry Carling!

He has pleged to introduce mobile UCards, reduce the amount of plastics sold in the SU, will proudce a pamphlet for student diets on a student budget, expand the zero waste shop and reward the SU outlets which encourage sustainability.

In his acceptance speech he expressed how he'd been coveting this role since his first year at Sheffield, so it was an honour to win his election.

Women's Officer

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Your new Women's Officer is Rosa Tully!

Rosa has been elected on a manifesto which pledges to promote education around healthy relationships, increase the amount of female security guards in the SU, ensure that no student experiences period poverty and improve the mental health services on campus.

Rosa is currently the Campaign's Officer for Women's Committee.

Sports Officer

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Your new Sports Officer is Brittany Bowles!

Britt wants to showcase the importance of sports on a student's university experience, offer flexible and more affordable gym memberships, run inclusions-specific training for sports clubs and open the gym for longer during exam season.

Activities Officer

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Martha Daisy Evans is the next Activities Officer!

Martha is the President of SUPAS and Societies Committee's Creative Liason.

She pledges to showcase societies, focus on inclusions and training, free the Wednesday afternoon and create a full room bookings timetable.


In the referenda, students voted to remain part of the NUS (National Union of Students) and voted to create the positions of 'Societies Councillor' and 'Sports Councillor' on the SU Council.