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Sheffessions removes post mocking the Hillsborough Disaster

They’ve apologised to anyone offended

Sheffessions recently posted a confession appearing to mock victims of the Hillsborough Disaster in a "definitive ranking of Sheffield exam venues".

Following a severe backlash, the post has now been taken down and Sheffessions have apologised.

'#Sheffession3589' ranked Hillsborough, the stadium of Sheffield Wednesday, as 'Disaster tier' among other Uni Of exam venues in the city.

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Confessions are sent in anonymously to the page through an online form, which then, in assumption, is received by an admin who publishes their chosen material.

The post received a series of negative feedback in the comment section:

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The Hillsborough Disaster of 1989 was a fatal human crush and footballing tragedy, resulting in the death of 96 fans and 766 injuries.

The disaster has been defined as the worst in sporting history, and the police commander for the match, David Duckenfield, is currently on trial for gross negligence manslaughter.

A student at the University who challenged the page, said the page didn't apologise for their mistake.

In a message to them, he said: "Appreciate you may have overlooked this as it looks innocuous at first, but the post seriously needs to be taken down.

"Want to believe it's an unfortunate coincidence, but sadly believe it's a sick minded individual trying to make a joke about the Hillsborough disaster."

"Would also appreciate some sort of public statement condemning the post to make sure it doesn't happen again because I believe whoever wrote it knew exactly what they were doing, and if possible the individual to be banned from making any future posts."

Sheffessions didn't reply to him.

Sheffessions have now told The Sheffield Tab: "We now realise that there may have been some bad intentions behind this post but they weren’t apparent to us at the time we approved it.

"We look through hundreds of submissions most days and genuinely didn’t notice that this post could be seen as malicious.

"We do apologise if it offended anyone but it was never published with bad intentions. We have no way of knowing who submitted it and the post has now been taken down."

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