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Brand new SU club night ‘VYBEZ’ launches this February

The BME student committee aim to increase the diversity of Sheffield’s night-life.

The University of Sheffield's BME committee is finally launching a brand-new club night at the Student Union starting next month which will bring an exciting, different type of club scene to the Foundry. The first ever VYBEZ event will take place on the 15th of February.

Distinct to existing nights at the SU, VYBEZ is inspired by London's urban night-life. It promises to deliver music for students who enjoy genres such as afro-beats, dancehall, hip-hop, funky and RnB, increasing the diversity of Foundry club nights.

Third-year BME committee member, Tamar Stuart, explained the motivation behind the creation of VYBEZ.

She said: "Speaking to some of my friends from the university, I've noticed that SU nights don't feel like theirs, especially those who are ethnic minorities. They feel more comfortable going to nights outside of the uni.

"But The University of Sheffield is diverse and therefore, SU nights should represent every student."

VYBEZ hopes to occur monthly and provide a fun experience for all students who enjoy urban music genres. Tickets are currently available from the SU box office and at just £5 advance!