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A Holocaust survivor will be giving a talk at Sheffield Uni in February

She kept her story secret for over 60 years

A Holocaust survivor will be coming to Sheffield next year to tell her story to a student audience.

The event, hosted by Sheffield Jewish Society, will take place at The Diamond on Monday 11 February, and is open to students and staff at both The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam.

For 60 years, Iby Knill kept the fact she had survived the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps a secret, and did not even tell her children.

She had to flee her home in Czechoslovakia after the German invasion, and she fled to Hungary where she became a member of the Hungarian Resistance until being captured in 1942.

She was then placed in a number of a number of refugee centres and concentration camps, including the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp.

Mrs Knill is now coming to the university in order to tell her story at a time when antisemitism in Britain has doubled in the last six years.

Attacks and incidents targeting the Jewish community remain rife, with an antisemitic incident taking place in Sheffield only last week.

The event has now sold out in under 24 hours, but you can join a waiting list if anyone drops out of the event here.