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Historic SU referendum to be held on creation of Sports and Societies Councillors

It’s a milestone in SU politics at Sheffield

There will be a referendum on two new councillor roles at Sheffield Students' Union after a petition passed a historic milestone.

With the support of Societies Committee and Sport Committee, a petition lobbying for the roles to be created broke the 1,000 signatures mark to force a vote on it in the near future.

The grassroots campaign came after the SU Council rejected an initial proposal to create a Societies Councillor, which petition creator Matthew Shadrack says was dismissed "without due consideration".

1,021 upvotes were given to the petition on the Students' Union website, with just 15 students down voting it.

It is thought that the most signatures previously received on a petition at the Students' Union is around 550.

This means no referendums, which are held at the same time as the SU Officer elections, have ever been forced by a petition until now.

There are 350 societies and 58 sports clubs at Sheffield Students' Union, with over 3,500 students serving as committee members.