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Sheffield band announce cancer charity single after death of Sarah Nulty

It’s in aid of Weston Park Cancer Charity

Following a successful tour and single release earlier this year, Sheffield band Liberty Ship will release a charity single for a local cancer support charity.

'Do That Thing' will be released on 7th December via their BandCamp page, where you can buy the single for £1. All funds made will go to Weston Park Cancer Charity, which supports Weston Park Hospital, only one of four hospitals in the UK to dedicate itself fully to cancer treatment.

When asked why Weston Park was chosen as the receiver of the donations, guitarist Jack Eddison told Exposed Magazine: "Cancer is the biggest twat humanity has had to face. It’s an even bigger twat than Donald Trump!"

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He also said that frontman, Lewis, had a lost a close friend and supporter of the band, Sarah Nulty, to cancer earlier this year and Weston Park were incredible in supporting her and her family.

The band want to thank the hospital for all the work they have done and thought the run-up to Christmas would be the most ideal time to do so.

Jack said that they have had the song archived for a while but this felt the right time following the success of their last single 'Snakes and Ladders'.

You can buy the single via this link from 7th December.