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Mappin Street common room smelt so bad this afternoon it was evacuated for a suspected gas leak

Security Services rushed to the Economics and Journalism Studies building

The common room of Mappin Street 12 was evacuated after a penetrating musk was detected in the crowded area this afternoon.

Students were alerted to the smell and shortly left the room in an orderly fashion. The room was jam-packed at the time with dozens of people inside.

University Security Services rushed to the scene and investigated for a possible gas leak, but found no problems with the gas supply system.

One member of the Security Services said: "The main gas boiler house is too far from this room anyway."

In the meanwhile, teaching continued in other parts of the building and no fire alarm was rung. Students were soon allowed back into the common room, where the ungodly stank had already cleared up.

"If I wasn't told it might be gas, I might not have even suspected it was. It just smelled really bad," according to Broadcast student Daniel Capshaw, telling The Sheffield Tab "I might have just had confirmation bias."

Featured image credit: Daniel Capshaw