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What are students buying from Sheffield’s vintage clothing stores?

Hidden gems or upcycled crap?

The vintage clothing store: home to the most unique and rare garments, offering timeless pieces of bold colour and design, providing a sanctuary for off-the-wall styling and daring self-expression…or maybe just a glorified charity shop.

Whatever your take, you cannot deny the popularity, as hordes of students continue to casually blow their student loans on these aged, worn clothes.

Often oversized and riddled with odd stains, sceptics won’t understand the fascination, dismissing vintage shoppers as a bunch of edgy tramps.

But with the variety of clothes on offer, the vintage market may be more diverse than expected.

So armed with my student budget, I hit Sheffield’s most frequented vintage spots, seeking to find the classic and rare pieces that draw in the city’s most stylish, or senseless, students.


Lee Denim Jacket

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An essential piece for any vintage wardrobe. Shame it’ll probably end up stinking of cigs from the Alex Turner wannabe that buys it.

The Rolling Stones Tee

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Vintage band merch: allowing clueless indie posers to try and represent a band they know nothing about. Heaven forbid you ask whoever wears this to name a Rolling Stones song.

However, I’m also open to the possibility that this gets picked up by a well-versed super fan. In which case, they’ll probably tell you they have a superior music taste or sob whilst they complain they were “born in the wrong generation”.

Union Jack Jeans

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In case you wanted to display a sense of civic pride on your legs.

Coogi Jumper

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For just £32 you could become a budget Biggie Smalls: less ‘Coogi down to the socks, rings and watch filled with rocks’, and more ‘Coogi down to the socks, I smell like charity shops’.

Ryan Vintage

Adidas Track Jacket

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A possible entry requirement for The Tuesday Club. Both lightweight and flexible, this jacket allows for unrestrained moshing to Darkzy, as well as inside pockets to stash copious amounts of ketamine.

Fur coat

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*Listens to Macklemore once*

Bucket hats

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Likely to sit on the head of a Dark Fruits guzzling festival goer. A great companion to some Fred Perry.

Freshmans Vintage Clothing

Redskins American Football Sweatshirt

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A staple of the vintage shop: an American sports sweatshirt soon to be donned by the least athletic students on campus. These types know nothing about British football, never mind American.

Hawaiian Shirt

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You either bought this for Club Tropicana (acceptable) or you actually believe you look “wavy” wearing this to your lectures.

Long Trench Coat

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When you aim for sophisticated but end up looking like a predator.

Zoo Vintage

Flower Dungarees

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In case the farmer’s dungarees weren’t enough of an indication, they’re also plastered in flowers to prove how vegan I am.

Leopard Print Sweatpants

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If you didn’t get an Adidas track jacket in time, don’t fret, these sweatpants are another suitable entry pass into The Tuesday Club.

Mooch Vintage

Western Jacket and Hat

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Cowboy chic. The Red Dead Redemption 2 hype might have gone to your head if you’re supporting this.

Chains Medallion/Bomber Jacket

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I wish I could afford real Versace.

Curly Fur Jacket

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When you think you’re being stylish but end up looking like a sheep. Baaaaaa. Which leads me to a good metaphor for a lot of the items I’ve seen today: a leap for individuality, ironically placing you deeper into a crowd. Baaaaaa.

Despite my cynicism towards these pieces, I too am guilty of being a vintage shopper. Beautifully diverse with one-of-a-kind items, you really can achieve a unique look at an affordable price.