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Sheffield student arrested for trying to smuggle drugs into the Students’ Union

They cannot be named for legal reasons

A Sheffield student has been arrested after trying to smuggle drugs into the University of Sheffield Students' Union.

The student, who cannot be named for legal reasons, attempted to enter the building with a variety of drugs on her person but was discovered by a drug detection dog before she could get inside.

The student now faces a potential criminal conviction and is set to appear in court. This incident comes weeks after the university was criticised for publishing advice on the website telling students how to consume drugs safely.

One particular comment, “never inject alone”, received a lot of attention and critics claimed the move signalled to students taking drugs was ok.

Welfare Officer Katharine Swindells told The Metro that despite their zero tolerance policy towards drugs misuse keeping students safe is a priority for the Students' Union.

She said: "It’s important we are realistic. In an ideal world, students won’t touch drugs, but we know in reality things are often different.

"As a responsible Students’ Union, our role is about more than just telling student not to take drugs. It’s also about education and harm reduction, something that is needed right now."

The guidance has since been removed, but the website continues to advise students on Drug Harm Reduction. The page also directs students to The Loop, a not-for-profit providing drug safety testing and advice.

Strict procedures have been implemented at the University of Sheffield since 2017, following the death of 22-year-old Joana Burns, who died after taking drugs during a night out at Foundry.

The new measures promote a zero tolerance policy towards drug misuse and include the regular use of sniffer dogs.

If you have concerns about drugs, involving yourself or a friend, visit the Student Advice Centre in the Students' Union or contact them on 0114 222 8660 or [email protected].