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Where to watch the fireworks in Sheffield this year

Top of the Arts Tower isn’t recommended

With Halloween now behind us, and Christmas just around the corner, it's nearly time to spend an hour in a field watching gunpowder explode into lots of pretty colours to the sound of 'Firework' by Katy Perry.

For those unaware of the slightly mad British tradition, this is all in the name of commemorating a guy who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament a few hundred years ago.

In Sheffield, there's plenty of opportunities to observe this strange night in the British calendar. So, we've come up with our list of the best places to watch the fireworks in the Steel City this year.

The Botanical Gardens

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Every year 'Illuminate the Gardens' is a show not to be missed.

With street food stalls, a bar and vintage fairground rides, the Botanical Gardens really pulls out all the stops for their fireworks weekend.

This year the event is being held on 2nd, 3rd and 4th November.

Tickets are only £5 (+ booking fee), so be quick to secure your ticket for one of the best displays Sheffield has to offer.

Don Valley Bowl After Dark

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On Monday 5th November, head to Don Valley for a spectacular display which regularly attracts up to 20,000 people!

There will be a funfair, fire spinners, and food stalls to keep you entertained before the bonfire at 7:30pm and the main event at 9pm.

You can buy tickets for £12 up until midnight on 4th November, so don't hang around as there's not long left to reserve your space.

The Dam House

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For the Crookes and Crookesmoor dwellers, The Dam House always puts on a great event in Crookesmoor Park.

Although there's not an event page for this one, last year the festivities started at around 7pm.

So head down to Crookesmoor Park on 5th November to see what's going on an enjoy a small but exciting display.

Bole Hill

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With an amazing view across the city, Bole Hill is a great place to watch an array of fireworks this coming weekend.

Just walk up to the vantage point with a few tinnies and some sparklers and create your own, free event with your mates.